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Originals and Posters for sale. 


These originals are for sale. I am offering art made in different stages of my life. Some made 30 or 40 years ago, and some fresh made. 

Please inquire for price here.




All posters, printed on Card stock are available in two sizes and will be signed by the artist. Shipping from Colombia, South America . Color or  B&W at the same price. 11" x 17" at  $ 30.00 plus shipping and handling. 13" x 19" at $ 40.00 plus shipping and handling.

Please inquire for price here.



Your Illustrated Vision is only limited by your imagination. From humorous caricatures to reverent portraits, color or black-and-white, I will make your image meet all your expectations. Many fans and friends have requested to be rendered as an action hero, with their loved ones, a favorite sport player, a musical or film star, a historical figure, or loving pets. All of these can be integrated into beautifully illustrated art.
Also, I can illustrate a story, a biography, an important event in your life... in the form of comic —maybe a few panels on one page or several pages to tell a longer story.
Final art works are originals on cardboard or fine paper. We can discuss size and price. To start, you may write a synthesis of your idea.

Illustrated Visions is my connection to you. It's the way I can meet up with you and be able to offer you the same thing I do at the shows...illustrate your vision. Over the years, I have drawn and painted various requests by fans and friends that would like to have something more personal and original. Your vision starts with reference. References are pictures of people, places or objects provided by you or myself to be used in the illustration.

The references are then designed into a detailed pencil sketch on a cold press illustration board. For large facial portraits, like the ones here, I do a tightly rendered finish to capture the realistic subtleties of the photo. Other times I draw the reference with loose gesture lines to capture the overall image.


Your work speaks for itself. 


Conan Conan


Horror Horror

Pablo´s Creations

Pablo´s Creations Pablo´s Creations

Portrait Artist

Portrait Artist Portrait Artist

Red Sonja

Red Sonja Red Sonja


Sketchcards Sketchcards


Sports Sports

King Solomon

King Solomon King Solomon


Norka Norka


Caricaturist Caricaturist

Illustrated Dreams

Illustrated Dreams Illustrated Dreams

Road to Shandokar

Road to Shandokar Road to Shandokar

Warlord Annual

Warlord Annual Warlord Annual

Pablo Marcos' Book

Pablo Marcos' Book - 11”x17”. Ink Pablo Marcos' Book - 11”x17”. Pencil over Strathmore paper


Cartoons Cartoons


Covers Covers

Pablo`s Girls

Pablo`s Girls Pablo`s Girls


Posters Posters

Savage Sword of Conan (SSOFC)

Savage Sword of Conan (SSOFC) - SSOFC The Carrion Eaters Page #6 Savage Sword of Conan (SSOFC) - SSOFC The Carrion Eaters Page #2

Tarzan of the Apes

Tarzan of the Apes Tarzan of the Apes

Trading Cards

Trading Cards Trading Cards

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How to buy?

All of the art stuff you can view here I have kept it myself since its creation. This is my first attempt to bring it to you. Just let me know which drawing are you interested in, and I will provide you with the price, plus shipping and handling expenses. Payment can be made through PayPal, check or money order. Once the payment is confirmed, I will deliver your illustration to the address you indicate.
I really appreciate your interest in my work.

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